Thursday, September 27, 2012

"Stone hood"

These jumpers are one of my very favorite project I have ever knitted! And they have been used every day of winter for the last 3 years - still looks presentable!
3 years ago my darling was asking me to knit him some very simple, with nordic soul in it and rough looking hooded jumper and extra, extra warm.
I must say it did take me a while to find a perfect wool for it but it was worth looking for:
Yarn used for this jumper is one of the only Irish-manufactured hand knitting yarns on the market, Irish heather is 100% pure Irish wool. A wonderful symbol of traditional Irish craftsmanship, it has been produced in a historic mill in Kilcar, Donegal for over 100 years!
The yarn itself makes this project special...
After making this jumper for my man, I had to make one for myself! It was simply "the jumper"! AND I sewed some patches on make it a bit metal:)))
This design really got noticed - the credit goes to the yarn, of course!!! After the first wear my friends were literary bugging me to make them one :D Needless to say I was delighted for such a response xxx
Wool for the jumper is rough enough on the skin and as a knitwear it lets the wind to dance around your body, therefor I made a mid weight fleece lining in it to make it soft and extra warm as Matej asked me. The result was magic - this jumper is so very warm that in the wintertime he is wearing only a rain-proof shell over it and claims it is the warmest and cosyest piece of closing he has ever owned - that makes my task completed :)
You will be able to find this jumper in my upcoming shop. The only changes in the jumper will be in lining - I will be using teflon fleece liner from Malden Mills, this fabric is used for outdoor clothing and is one of the best quality fleece in the world. NOT A CHANCE TO BE COLD IN THIS JUMPER!!!
Best regards and happy knitting,

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