Sunday, August 2, 2015

Frozen obsession..

Must I write a comment.... It has spread like a wildfire !!! How can you say no to your darlings... Off I went to the shop, got some washable yarn as I predicted it will be worn a lot and sipping wine next to the fireplace few month ago, I made these hats. Patterns improvised. A little bit of this and a little bit of that and here it is - my very own Anna and Elsa :)

Crochet petty cape :)

This was a very quick project for my mother-in-low's Christmas present. I found this pattern in one of my grandma's old magazines that she has been keeping for many decades. It was written in Russian, therefore the parts that I did not understand - I had to improvise... At the end it turned out wearable !

Saturday, August 1, 2015

Boys will be boys.

Pretend play is very important in children development - it increase their social competence and emotional maturity. Turn child's imagination up full blast!
Here is hoody for one good boy and one bad boy :)
Riding on storms, chasing treasures, getting in trouble and living with never ending adventure in your imagination! Saving the day, stopping the bad, becoming a hero! Dress to imagine :)

Friday, July 31, 2015

Onion and garlic cosy :)

This is such a refreshing addition to any kitchen. My one hangs off under the cupboard just above were my cutting area is - what did I do with my onion before these bags ? Wouldn't change it for the world now :)

Strictly Ladies only!!!

Ladies, I can only speak for myself but I believe when it come to "that time of the month" we are all under the same hat... Mess in emotions, mess in your taste buds, mess in the bag. Tampons and pads always thrown in the bag, lying somewhere or even everywhere... With a technical help and advice of my mom - here is the finished idea how to keep it all neat. Measurements- width -14cm, length -15cm, side thickens 2,5cm thick when filled with the goods of your choice. How did I ever lived without it ?!?

Strange looking rabbits.

A little bit different toys :) When you are looking for something more original and unique- handmade is the only way! These rabbits are 42cm tall, made of cotton and stuffed with polyester fibre filling. This is work of my great teacher - my mom Irina. She is definitely hired into the world of crafters hobbit as toy maker !
I am so blessed to have such crafty people in my family. Hope I won't fail to pass the knowledge to my toe darlings...

Plain and earthy .

Here is one super fast project for my sweetheart. He asked me to make him a simple, plain, earth color, extra deep hobbit hood. I had no pattern to fallow so I had to learn how to create one in a day... Needles to say it was an emotional rollercoaster.. excitement and stress, discoveries and nervous breakdowns... so much knowledge gained from one project! When it was time to put the hoodie on - I could not believe it was a perfect fit! Joy of a successful project makes you feel you can be an astronaut!
Meet my precious "Stone Hood". Once again!!!
If you have missed the beginning of this hoodie - here is a quick info:
Hand knitted with rough, bulky 100% pure Irish wool and lined with windproof, breathable fleece, this jumper has cold resistance up to -5°C. The wool is a very precious 100% pure Irish wool which has been produced in a historic mill in Kilcar, Donegal for over 100 years. Although the wool has a real rough look and feel to it, the lining inside is very soft and cosy and it goes all around the jumper, neck and hood.
What s new about this hoodie? It is being tested!!!!! I am so, so, so excited! This hoodie got a lot of attention due to its roughness and weather resistance :) The person wearing this jumper after returning from Tatra mountains in Slovakia said: "It was like a shield for my body." Yey!!! I'm getting close to my desired results!