Thursday, September 27, 2012

"Stone hood"

These jumpers are one of my very favorite project I have ever knitted! And they have been used every day of winter for the last 3 years - still looks presentable!
3 years ago my darling was asking me to knit him some very simple, with nordic soul in it and rough looking hooded jumper and extra, extra warm.
I must say it did take me a while to find a perfect wool for it but it was worth looking for:
Yarn used for this jumper is one of the only Irish-manufactured hand knitting yarns on the market, Irish heather is 100% pure Irish wool. A wonderful symbol of traditional Irish craftsmanship, it has been produced in a historic mill in Kilcar, Donegal for over 100 years!
The yarn itself makes this project special...
After making this jumper for my man, I had to make one for myself! It was simply "the jumper"! AND I sewed some patches on make it a bit metal:)))
This design really got noticed - the credit goes to the yarn, of course!!! After the first wear my friends were literary bugging me to make them one :D Needless to say I was delighted for such a response xxx
Wool for the jumper is rough enough on the skin and as a knitwear it lets the wind to dance around your body, therefor I made a mid weight fleece lining in it to make it soft and extra warm as Matej asked me. The result was magic - this jumper is so very warm that in the wintertime he is wearing only a rain-proof shell over it and claims it is the warmest and cosyest piece of closing he has ever owned - that makes my task completed :)
You will be able to find this jumper in my upcoming shop. The only changes in the jumper will be in lining - I will be using teflon fleece liner from Malden Mills, this fabric is used for outdoor clothing and is one of the best quality fleece in the world. NOT A CHANCE TO BE COLD IN THIS JUMPER!!!
Best regards and happy knitting,

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Expecting little hobbit ❤❤❤

I believe most of mammies and mammies-to-be will agree with me that while carrying for our little trouble makers-to-be in our belly comfort plays a big role during that time..! But in the same time we want to feel beautiful and special! Therefor I decided to include pregnant hobbit mammies in my up-coming shop and share with the world where my pregnant belly was wrapped into to make it feel comfy n pretty :)
I have been playing around with couple of designs and this was one of my favorites because no matter how big or small my belly was - this hoodie always looked perfect on me! My belly didn't grow out of it and in the same time the hoodie never looked too big. Even after pregnancy I was still wearing it until my post-pregnancy belly disappeared. Now my super-cool mam-in-low is wearing it and she loves it :)

Hobbits with hidden dreadlocks in the hood...

This is one of my last designs. This hood is much deeper/wider than other hoods as it is made for dread-heads :))) I have extra long dreads and I am finding it hard to find any hood where I can hide my head incase of rain or snow, so I decided to create one.
The hood has an extended neck-warmer, it closes in front with two hand-made buttons - double wind protection - and is removable at the back of neck line with zip - very useful piece :)! Without the hood the jumper has an inch higher neck keeping your neck warm and in the same time is easy to pull over your dreads.
This hoodie will be featured in my up-coming shop along with other designs for kids, grownups, pregnant hobbits, hobbit-brides and more and more hobbits :)

This hoodie is made specially for me - there is a love story embroidered on the back of the jumper: My dear man and I have been traveling around the world and seeding hearts to every country we go. (there is a video from Helsinki trip --->
So I made an image of me bringing my heart to the peak of Slovakia "Krivan" in High Tatra mountain. That heart is for my sweetheart who is from Slovakia and loves his mountains dearly ❤❤❤
I advice all the hobbits out there to customize their hobbit hoodies - make your clothing special and filled with happy memories. I will be more than happy to make your story alive on your hobbit hoodie xxx
Best regards, agnese