Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Hobbits with hidden dreadlocks in the hood...

This is one of my last designs. This hood is much deeper/wider than other hoods as it is made for dread-heads :))) I have extra long dreads and I am finding it hard to find any hood where I can hide my head incase of rain or snow, so I decided to create one.
The hood has an extended neck-warmer, it closes in front with two hand-made buttons - double wind protection - and is removable at the back of neck line with zip - very useful piece :)! Without the hood the jumper has an inch higher neck keeping your neck warm and in the same time is easy to pull over your dreads.
This hoodie will be featured in my up-coming shop along with other designs for kids, grownups, pregnant hobbits, hobbit-brides and more and more hobbits :)

This hoodie is made specially for me - there is a love story embroidered on the back of the jumper: My dear man and I have been traveling around the world and seeding hearts to every country we go. (there is a video from Helsinki trip ---> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=khY1x66--YI
So I made an image of me bringing my heart to the peak of Slovakia "Krivan" in High Tatra mountain. That heart is for my sweetheart who is from Slovakia and loves his mountains dearly ❤❤❤
I advice all the hobbits out there to customize their hobbit hoodies - make your clothing special and filled with happy memories. I will be more than happy to make your story alive on your hobbit hoodie xxx
Best regards, agnese

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