Friday, August 27, 2010

Dragonfly Vest

Love for fairies and other forest creatures has never died in me. I'm still a child in my heart.
I got this wool while I was visiting my grandparents in a small town in Latvia called Livani. I found a little yarn shop and obviously I had to have a look inside and I couldn't believe how cheap they sell the yarn there! I paid something like 5 euro for 200 grams of this wool! Would you ever walk away from this offer!
Over-excited with my great bargain I squeezed my yarn in my armpit and decided to have a stroll around the closest forest. As I strolled through the forest where colorful leaves were covering the ground I couldn't help myself but run right through them remembering my childhood when coming from the school we would kick the leaves in the air and roll in them pretending swimming through some imaginary land. Suddenly sad feeling came into me. I realized how much I have missed this country, Latvian woods and sleeping in fields filled with marguerite.. I want to stay here! Right here where I am! Build a little tree house and be a part of the forest creatures! May be become a fairy if it's possible! But I need a gown. The gown witch would make me look like I belong here. And this vest is my imagination of it.

For those who would like to get this pattern, please, follow this link download now"> Thank you!

Friday, August 13, 2010

Hobbit Dress

I was on my holidays in Slovakia staying in amazing cottage far away from civilization in the middle of the forest where there was no one but few of us and wild animals. No electricity, no fumes, noises, stress... Walking to the wellspring for fresh water with two hearts beating in my body I wished I could stay there forever. In that moment, to keep my memories close to me, I decided to create a vest I could put on and be able to sit on a stem and be invisible to see all the forest creatures wandering around.

For those who would like to get pattern for this vest:
follow this link
Thank you!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

For all the fairies around

I woke up, saw lovely blue sky instead of usual beauty of irish clouds and decided this is gonna be a good day! With a cup of coffee, unbrushed hair and slightly hungover with great memories from last night, I feel so inspired! This is a perfect moment to create a blog - place where I can share my designs and patterns and may be a little bit more of my world with people with the same interest and taste. But before we get to my work I want to tell you about people who inspired me.
Meet my lovely family:
I cannot mention anyone before my grandma Galina who put my first needles and crochet hooks in my arms at age 5! She is the most craziest knitter I have ever seen in action in my whole life! She is doing some crazy lace with all that counting and still is able to watch her soap-operas and explain my grandpa what's going on in the show (he has some hearing problems, so he says.. We caught him few times running from another rooms and complaining that he heard us having a drink and no-one invited him... She is definitely someone I look up to when it comes to knitting and crochet. There is some of the stuff she made for me:

And there is my Mommy. She is one hell of a designer! The things she does with sewing machine - I'm so jealous! I want to step into her brain and have a sneaky look where is that all coming from! I'll get there, she is giving me lessons at the moment! There is some of her work:

And my dear partner Matej. He is an amazing song writer, you can hear his songs on myspace Matej Barlok. His love and creativity influences me and makes me wanna do more and more! And his lovely parents Danka and Vladko. Such a lovely couple. Danka created this lovely jacket for our dearest daughter Amélie:

Ok, that's enough of yapping, it's time to do some work. Hope you'll enjoy my blog. Au revoir!