Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Merry Xmas

There is a little post card for all of you, lovely people, from our hobbit family :) Have a wonderful holidays! Many hugs xxx

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Warrior design.

It's Christmas time again and it brought back memories of last year's holidays. Last year for Christmas I got the most perfect present from my dearest, dearest parents-in-low - a wonderful yarn and I couldn't have picked more perfect color myself! Once I saw it, I new exactly what I want to make. It was going to be something out of nordic warriors but in the same time feminine and very comfortable. At that time I was pregnant with my second angel - Lilly, so I couldn't really make it to a perfect fit, but I really, really wanted to make it, so I made an estimated measurement and result is - I have to do some fixing up now :))) But I don't mind as I really do love this piece. But before I do a little change - I decided to give you a little peek. The problem is in waist, but it is very easy to change it so I can be 100% satisfied with it. So there are some pics I made today with a big help from my personal assistant - my 2 year old Amélie.
Once fixing up is done I will put up a proper pics and directions how to make it - it's super easy and not much to write about... Have a lovely, bright and full of joy Christmas! All my love and Happy knitting!

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Little hobbit Lilly Elisabeth

For a while I have been putting pattern writing and website opening aside. I have been preparing to welcome new member to our hobbit family :) And to be very honest - I have been a bit lazy in the last two month of pregnancy...
And finally she has arrived - precious and fragile hobbit Lilly Elisabeth!
She has given us so much joy and happiness, I feel luckier that wining a lotto!
Amélie and Lilly - these two beautiful hobbits gave me so much inspiration, I'm full of ideas again and can't wait to get to work!!!

Hobbit greetings and happy knitting!!!

Thursday, June 30, 2011

......... site under construction .........


Hobbit Friendly page is currently under construction.
I apologize for any trouble it might caused to those who are seeking for my patterns...
Please, send me an email with name of the pattern you are looking for and
I will gladly send you a copy of it!
Once again my apologies...


Sunday, April 3, 2011

Getting your little hobbit ready for summer.

Summer can't come fast enough... Sunshine and blue sky, we are ready for you!
New summer outfits for little hobbits are being made. Some ideas for elves are on the way, too :)
Be different. Let your fantasy play. Be more Hobbit Friendly!

There are some summer pieces you can find visiting my Etsy shop

More designs coming out soon at

Lots of hobbit love to all of you!

Friday, March 18, 2011

For big hobbits and little hobbits!

Let more fairy tail world in your heart!

For all the sizes and age - big hobbits, small hobbits! Create your own hobbit hoodie. Tell us what do you want to say to the world around you and we will make it alive on your hobbit hoodie!

Contact us at for more information about custom made hoodies or visit

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Finally I have finished my BIG job! I want to welcome everyone to my little world of hobbits :)
Big hobbits, little hobbits - in this place everyone can find something for themselves to look more hobbit-friendly! All my patterns are available from -

Here are some things you can find visiting my site:

And many more!
Hope you will enjoy it.
Have a lovely day,

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

In memory of a beautiful place....

I will take a minute away from the things I usually do in my blog to shear this message with those who might understand my heavy sadness I have been carrying around for a few days...
Forest. It is life, it is freedom, a place where so many of us go to have a moment of peace...
Stroll in the forest. Touch a tree, may be even hug it! Spot a rabbit. Sound of a small river. Feel beauty of nature. Relaxation. You feel calm. You feel free.
It was a place I use to go for walks with my lovely family, it was my special place where I took photos for Dragonfly Vest pattern. It was a real fairy tail. Untouched, known for locals mostly. People talked they accidently have found this place which looks like fairy tale. They kept it for their family and best friends. Keep it special. There was no person who entered the place and wouldn't feel speechless from hidden beauty it held in the middle of it..
And then came careless, selfish and greedy human with his machinery and took it all of. In few days it was demolished. All of it! The whole forest! What the fuck? They took trees and left all the bushes and things they didn't need behind them... There was us naive nature lovers thinking they might be cleaning it to make entry more accessible... It is gone now. For ever. When we entered place on Sunday there was silence between us. Feeling of disgust, anger and confusion. Place looked like after war. Everything was destroyed. We have lost part of our life, our special Sundays. How can anyone with hart beating in them destroy something as beautiful as this? I feel helpless...

Beautiful hobbit world:

What's left of it now...

In a few years time all what will be left of this planet will be concrete jungle with sick and week people living in them...