Thursday, November 18, 2010

Gray and slightly messy!

First of all I want to apologize for delaying my patterns. Time has a messy mind, if I my say so.. You want to grab every opportunity to make a new project just not to miss a creative explosion storming through your imagination, and then you find yourself overloaded with your own ideas... It is time to touch the ground for me. I'll be working on both patterns this week. For those who has sent me an email requesting copy of one of the pattern - I didn't forget about you! I'll sent a copy to your emails as soon as they are done. But for the rest of the guest in my blog - shortly my website will be running and you will be able to find many more hobbit things there!
For those who is interested in this pattern - business as usual - send me an email at and you will be on my list to get a copy of this pattern!


  1. fucking wonderful!!!! I WANT THE PATTERN! you are awesome!

  2. wunderful....i love your page


  3. omg... šitas ir pa smuko... esmu pēdējā laikā iemīlējusi pelēko... un šis manas jūtas pastiprina! superīgi darbiņi!